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Brazil Leaning Towards F-18 Super Hornet In Aircraft Competition

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Mon, Dec 10, 2012 08:58 CET
The Brazilian air force is said to be leaning towards the American F-18 Super Hornet aircraft in the selection of 36 fighter jets, according to media reports.

A weekly magazine, Istoe, has published a document attributing to the commission in charge of analyzing the three aircraft (the Dassault Rafale and the Swedish Gripen), which concludes that the Boeing F-18 is best suited to air force requirements and notes several of its advantages in terms of price and benefits.

The document states that the least costly of the three jets being tendered are the Gripen of the Swedish firm Saab, the entire fleet being offered for $4.3 billion.

The Boeing F-18 jets would cost Brazil about $5.4 billion for 36 aircraft whereas the French Rafale would cost a lot more at $8.2 billion.

According to the published document, Boeing has agreed to the technology transfer required by the Brazilian government to close the deal and has also offered to open a center for high technology in Brazil if it gets the contract.

Meanwhile, due to heavy budget cuts the government has suspended the tender process with defense officials saying that the final decision will be taken early next year. 
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Parece que  a vontade dos militares esta sendo respeitada, o avião da Boeing alem de mais barato não tera problemas de peças de reposição pois é uma aeronave consolidada e com tecnologia suficiente para atender as demandas do pais.

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